Statistics tell us that America is the world’s largest consumer of goods. This is why America is where the most stores selling the most products are located. The latest electronic products, fashion, autos, trucks and more are rolled out and begin their journey right here in the USA

And despite how strong the dollar is these days, users from all over the world continue to reap the benefits from purchasing American products.

So what are consumers outside the U.S. supposed to do if the U.S. seller won’t deliver products to them, or if the delivery costs are above and beyond what they want to pay? How to save on shipping? Or, for example, the number of products is such customs clearance «consumes» any profit from the purchase?

There’s one way out, and that’s to turn to an intermediary company (a mail forwarder, partner and reliable assistant) who can handle matters, and as a result save on costs.

Other way to use dealer or distributor in USA who can provide wholesale service on products you are interested.

Today, we not only provide forwarding on different orders from our clients in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries formed USSR we do wholesale some goods.

We are distributors and wholesalers of various electronic assemblies, components and various products for craft or DIY.


Today’s market for logistics services from America is occupied by a considerable number of companies that offer more or less the same services, so why open yet another one, and what distinguishes us from the others?

Simply put, we do what our colleagues can’t, namely, not only do we locate, pay for, receive and dispatch our clients’ orders, we also expedite and simplify the process of clearing virtually any product through Russian customs.

We have preferential relations with Russian customs, especially as regards products related to the vaping sector, premixed liquids, flavorings, and also shipments of tobacco and hookah accessories.